The History of Muslims
in America

Early History

History is a narrative of events and stories and a chronological record of those events. We as Muslim Americans have a long and insightful history with many contributions to the American society in which both the public and many Muslim Americans are not aware.


Personalities, Events & Early Settlements of the 1700s: The 1700s ushered in the first known Hafiz or Muslim scholar in the person of Ayub ‘Job’ Suleiman Dgiallo who was born in Bondu, in Futa Toro, to a Fulbe family of Muslims.


In 1807 on April 13, Yarrow (Mamout) Marmood was given his freedom by Upton Beall of Montgomery County in the Washington, DC area. He established a hauling business, owned real estate on what is now 3330-3332 Dent Place NW, and invested some of his savings into the stock of the Bank of Columbia.


Wills were founded in Washington, DC Archives ​from 1900-1917 beginning with Islamic salutations “With the Name of God Amen” with names like Hannah Henderson, Fontaine Mahmood, James Moore, Mary Newman, Edward Quader, and Anne Yarrow.

An American Family

The Mahammett Family of Maryland

In 1850 Jerry Mahammett born in 1800 and his wife Sarah Mahammett age 48 born in 1802. Their children Margt (Margerate Hagan) Mahammitt age 24 born in 1826, Edward age 18 born in 1832, Jerry age 17 born in 1833, Rosetta E. age 12 born in 1838, Emily A. age 7 born in 1843, Martha age 5 born in 1845, and Julia A. age 3 born in 1847, they lived in Frederick, Maryland and were listed as a black family.

21st Century​

In 2001, Abd’Allah A. Adesanya became the first Muslim chaplain for New York Fire department. The Islamic Society of Fire Department Personnel is an organization with about 20 members. Reports that there are between, 200 to 300 Muslims in the 16,000-member department.

Early Masajid (Mosques)
in America

Masjid in Highland Park, Michigan was established in 1921.

Polish Tartars Mosque in Brooklyn,
NY open in 1931.

Al Masjid Al-Awwal was established in 1934 in Pittsburgh, PA.

State Street Mosque in Brooklyn,
NY open in 1939..

Masjid Muhammad was established in 1934 and built in 1960.

Masjid in Ross, North Dakota established in 1929

American Moslem Society of Dearborn, Michigan Masjid
was established in 1937

Some of the Masajid (Mosques) in America

Islamic Center of Washington, DC open in 1959.

Islamic Center of Washington, DC open in 1959.

Islamic Center of Washington, DC open in 1959.