​CSAM Traveling Exhibits

Our exhibits has been on display at public Museums, Univerisites, and Libraries: The Smithsonian’s Anacostia Museum and Center for African History and Culture, Cleveland’s African American Museum, Harvard’s University, Monroe Gutman library; Martin L. King Public library Washington, DC; and Memphis, Tennessee public library.

CSAM has been on exhibit for United States Agencies such as The GSA General Service Administration in Washington, DC, the SSA Social Security Administration in Maryland, The Pentagon Iftar Program, and The State Department International Visitor Program.

For Community Events and Programs like The Amistad national program in Washington, DC and Portland, Maine, Mosque Care Chicago’s National conventions, Chestnut Street Historic United Methodist Church, Portland, Ma, the Bermudian Government Tourism Department Bermuda, Masjid An Nur St. Thomas Virgin Island, Masjid Open houses in Washington, DC, Islamic Center Pittsburgh, Pa, Ann Arbor, Michigan, in Southern New Jersey, Seattle, Washington and in Virginia.

The Exhibit at Community Events and Libraries

The Exhibit at Conventions, Churches, and Masajid Open Houses

The Exhibit at Universities, Colleges, Schools across America

Collections & Stories of American Muslims Exhibits at National Museums, Dusable, New York Museums, Smithsonian Anacostia

CSAM Exhibit travels to Nigeria.

CSAM Exhibit travels to Doha, Qatar and Bermuda